News ballads

Bob Dylan’s “Hurricane” is one of the most famous news ballads. I don’t mean a ballad praising the actions of awesome journalists, though that should totally be a thing, but songs mean to share news.

Back in the day before the printing press and stuff, most “news stories” as we would call them were put to song. It was easier to remember the details of a fire if you put it to the tune of a little ditty.

What about you all, any good news ballads? Have anything to say about the controversy of this particular news ballad?


Lesson 90

Remember it isn’t always a nefarious plot, sometimes it is just stupidity. And sometimes that is worse.

Lesson 86

Make sure you have one or two outfits you can throw together in to seconds and look like a professional badass even if you haven’t showered in two days and are surviving of coffee and the rush of barely meeting deadlines. Because this will happen to you, it just will.