There are entry-level journalism jobs

Graduating from j-school is terrifying. Basically every single person you talk to about your career path tells you about how your chosen profession is basically dead and even insiders will tell you now is not really the time to break into the field.

All of that isn’t true.

There are tons on journo jobs. Even entry level positions are all over the place. But there is a catch. You have to be willing to do one of two things. Either you have to move to a podunk town in the middle of no where or you have to move to a large city and live as a semi-homeless backpack reporter.

What you chose is largely based on what you did in school (if you didn’t do anything, you won’t get a job, congrats on wasting the best opportunity to spend four years using awesome equipment with supportive advisors in a place where you won’t end up unemployed if you fail).

It is also based on how far you are willing to move, what you still want to learn and (yes, it is true) where you are lucky enough to get an interview.

But don’t be afraid of going far away. Remember, this is an entry-level journalism job. It should toughen you up and it should help you know exactly what you want to do next.


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